I recently starting making filters for Facebook and Instagram and wanted to share a few helpful links to get you started.

My first filter

My first filter was approved which you can try.

Cash and Diamonds filter

Which software do I need to create these custom filters?

To make custom filters for Facebook and Instagram, download this free tool called Spark AR Studio that Facebook launched.

Spark AR Studio

Which documentation will help me learn the tool?

Check out the documentation that the Spark AR team put together.

Spark AR Documentation

Are there specific tutorials I can learn from?

I learned a lot from going through the tutorials within the documentation.

Spark AR Tutorials

How can I publish these filters?

Currently anyone can publish filters to Facebook after they review your filter but you need to be part of the closed beta to publish on Instagram.

Apply to make filters for Instagram

Are there communities online for Spark AR?

Join Spark AR's Facebook group to be updated on the latest news and to be part of the discussions.

Spark AR Facebook Group

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